Would You Stand For Jesus?


Would you stand for your Lord Jesus,
In this troubling times and days,
Would you stand up for your Savior,
And to Him give all your praise?

Can He count on you to witness,
And spread His word to all,
Will you get down on your knees,
And pray with the ones who fall?

Do you believe in our Lord Jesus,
How He died then rose again,
That He gave His life on Calvary,
To save our souls from sin?

Well I know I'll stand for Jesus,
And I'm not ashamed to say,
I'll stand up for you Lord,
And to you give all the praise.

Yes, He can count on me,
To spread His word to all,
I'll get down on my knees,
And pray with those who fall.

Because I believe in Jesus,
That  He died and rose again,
I know He died on Calvary,
To save this world from sin.

I've asked all of the questions,
And told you what I'd do,
But there is one question left my friend,
What would you do?

by Gloria Collins