A gift from God

my children were all grown, I said lord what will I do
he said I am sending down this little one just for you
his mom she is weak and for him she cannot care
so I have picked you out, to always be there.

I said but lord ,are you sure you want me,
I'm not young anymore, think of how hard this will be.
he said yes my child, age is all in your mind,
I have chosen you and I know you'll do fine.

I said ok my lord ,but my patience is thin,
he said I am sure if there is a challenge you will win.
this little one he needs lot's and lot's of love.
and I have been watching you from heaven above.

I said ok lord, well if this is what you want me to do,
I will take on this task and just leave it all up to you..
I know lord, that you know what's best for us, each and everyone.
so I will just trust in you, and thank you for my son.

so here I am at 54 with a two year old son to raise,
but I'll just take it day by day and give the lord all of the praise.
for he knows our hearts desire and he hears our every prayer,
and I know that when I need him, my lord is always there.

by Gloria Collins