my kids and Grandkids

a child of the past

happy 35th birthday 

my grand kids          

A visit from santa   

his first day of school

Not By Blood But By Love  

A Family Of Four                    

i'm a little cheerleader   

Party pictures               

baby boy

In Love With 2 Men        

Photo's Of Lane By Wanda  

birthday party invite         

In Memory Of Michael        

Someone New In Our House

Brookes prayer     

In the arms of an angel

So your turning thirty       



the birthday party

Daddy's Little Girl          

Look Who's Turning Two     

The Little Football Hero      

Dress Up            

Lonely Little Girl              

The Little Guitar Picker

happy birthday baby girl

My Adopted Daughter         

The Sleeping Child           

Thank you for the little    

My Birthday                   

To April              

Happy Birthday  Sonya       

My First Trip To The Zoo

Today You Turn 33               

A Gift From God

My Daughters                 

What Will You Be     

Mike And Amber

Home Sweet Home

Time with daddy

Thank Heaven For Little Boys

Happy 36th Birthday   

Graduation Day 

moving away

Happy 37th Birthday April

 sweet revenge