My Birthday


I spent the morning with Nanny,
We baked my cake.
My party's at five thirty,
I can hardly wait.

It will be mommy and daddy,
And cousins galore.
And the best part of all,
Is that I'm no longer four.

The cake is all ready,
Each sprinkle in place.
And granny said 
Go wash that icing off your face.

Now we're off to the place,
Where the party's going to be.
Mommy says go play,
And leave the decorations to me.

Soon it's all ready,
And there's plenty to eat.
Mommy says it's time,
To come in and take a seat.

Then it's time for the cake,
With five candles all aglow.
So I took a big breath,
And all the candles, out I blow.

For my youngest grand-daughter,
kaitlyn  Brooke Purvis
On her fifth birthday.
Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

by Gloria Collins