Graduation Day 2007

As I sat and watched you there, in your cap and gown today,
I shed a silent tear knowing that, my little one has gone away.
For today standing there so proud and tall, I realized you're a man,
And no longer that little boy, that once held his granny's hand.

I wanted you to know, that I'm as proud of you as I can be,
And in my heart that little boy, you will always be to me.
But one day when you take, someone as you're bride,
maybe there will be a new little one, who'll snuggle by my side.

So as you go forward from this, your graduation day,
I hope you find what you want in life, as you along the way.
I wish you  luck, and  happiness and plenty of all the rest,
And i just wanted  you to know. I think you are the best.

From A Very Proud  Grandma

Written for  my grandson
Michael Kern
I  love you sweetie

  by Gloria Collins