Poetry By Gloria                                                            


She’s a unique little one. Not like the rest,
She has two granny’s but like's granny Linda the best.
She likes to stay at granny Linda’s home,
I think its because she has a bedroom all her own.


At home she has to share one with her big sis,
And having a room of her own she can't resist.
We all miss her when she's not around,
But two miles down the road she can be found.


I guess I’m a little jealous can't you see,
Because that other granny happens to be me.
But I know that sweet little one loves me too,
But at my house there's not a lot of fun things to do.


Still she calls and says, "I love you granny moomie",
And those 5 little words mean the world to me.
She very special to me, I hope she knows that I care,
And I really don't mind if with granny Linda I share.

For my Beautiful Granddaughter
Cheyenne Nichole Roth

© by Gloria Collins