My Adopted Daughter



I met a girl named Lorri at a deli where I worked.
She told me she was pregnant and would I be there for the birth.

She said my mom has passed away and I don't want to be alone.
The look upon her face made me want to take her home.

She needed a new mother, someone there to hold her hand.
I said that I'd be happy to, cause I thought that she was grand.

We don't have a legal paper to say that she's my girl,
But I try to make her see that to me she means the world.


I love you Lorri.

For my adopted daughter Lorri Thomas.
Sometimes just because you're not related by blood
doesn't mean you can't be family.  I have known Lorri 5 years
And to me she is as much my daughter as if I'd given birth to her.

by Gloria Collins  9/15/03