Look Who's Turning Two

Our little boy is growing up what ever will we do
It hard for me to realize my little man is two

It only seems like yesterday I cradled him tenderly
Now he says I'm a big boy now, mommy don't you see.

Each night I watch him as he lies curled up in his bed.
And wonder to myself what's running thru his head

Is he dreaming of days to come and what he wants to be
Or is he dreaming of far way places and things he wants to see

Oh my precious little one, won't you stay small for little while
I love to watch you laugh and play and I love that little smile.

It's so hard to watch you grow so fast, I want this time to last.
For one day my sweet little one, it will be a memory in the past.

But for now I'll cherish every minute that I have with you
The day will come when you are grown, then my son what will I do

I love you baby boy and that's is forever true
No matter where you go or no matter what you do

So have a happy birthday and eat a lot of cake
I hope all your dreams come true on the birthday wish you make



By Gloria Collins