Time With Daddy


there is someone very special in my life I just want to say
that someone is my daddy and I love it when we play
now daddy works a lot of late nights, lately so it seems
so sometimes when we get to play, it's only in my dreams

but mommy says he loves me "big times", is what she says
and at night when I am sleeping, he kisses me on my head
all I know is that my daddy, in all the world he is the the best
and I'd rather have my daddy then any of the rest.

when we get to play sometimes, he takes me to the park
we slide and swing and just have fun sometimes till its even dark.
even times when we just sit and do nothing at all doesn't make me sad
as long as I get to spend time with you that's all that matters dad.

so daddy while you are at work, I just want you to know
I love you "big times" too and I really miss you so.
I love it when we play although there isn't always time
but when god made daddy's, I'm so glad he made you mine.

written for my daddy
timothy Patrick Collins
by my mommy ,for me
Lane Patrick Collins
 co author

by Gloria Collins