Lonely Little Girl

A little girl all alone it seems,

No one there to hear her screams.

Her mother has gone off to work,

Her step-father is a perverted jerk.

He steals the innocence of her youth.

To make sure mom doesn't learn the truth,

He threatens her with physical abuse,

She doesn't think mom will understand.

So she hides the pain the best she can.

She cries at night when she's alone.

And wishes that her mom was home.


By Gloria Collins 1966 

Sexual abuse is very real and happens in a lot more homes than people want to believe.  Most likely it is a parent or family member.  Please take the time to teach your child to come to you in case of a problem. teach them no one has the right to touch them in any way that makes them uncomfortable.  And that they should tell someone if they do.  Please help stop sexual abuse by teaching your child it is not normal for grown ups to touch them in that way.