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Happy Birthday To My Baby Girl


I just wanted to take this day,
To say happy birthday in a special way.
It's hard to believe 27 years have gone by,
To see you so grown up, makes me want to cry.
Gone is my baby, now a woman is what I see,
Gone is my baby forever from me.


Now 27 years later I watch and hope to see,
A little part of that baby looking back at me.
I look into your eyes and sometimes see her pass by
My baby is all grown up and I sit and I cry.
Where did all the years go, you grew up so fast.
Now today is your birthday and 27 years have passed.

I hope you have a great day and remember I love you.
And I always will, no matter what you do.
So on this day of your birth, I'll look back and smile
And know that I had you but for just a little while
Hold onto your children for don't you see,
Soon they'll grow up and you'll be just like me.

Happy Birthday, I love you,
Forever and Always,

by Gloria Collins 


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