A Family Of Four

(The Purvis Family)

They opened their hearts and gave them a home.
These two little children so sad and alone.
A drug user mom and a dead beat dad.
That was their lives and it made me so mad.

To put drugs before your children,  To not even care.
If they had food in their stomachs, Or clean clothes to wear.
Then a new mommy and daddy, Gave them a home.
A warm bed to sleep in, And toys all their own.

To never again feel sad and alone, With love and attention,
They fought with the courts, To make them their own.
Please, don't take these babies, From out of our home.

They prayed and they prayed, Till all became right.
The Lord and the courts had won them their fight.
All is now better with the kids they adore.
A mommy and daddy and two kids now make four.

By Gloria Collins    10/10/02