( Memories Of Grandma Mae )

when I think about my grandma's house I think of days gone by,
sometimes those memories make me laugh, sometimes they make me cry.
my grandma was a sweet ,sweet soul, who loved the lord with her whole heart,
she believed in Gods holy word and from it she'd never part.

Grandma loved to go to church and read her bible everyday,
And if you had a need she would gladly help you pray.
she always had a kind words, to strangers that she'd meet,
and every time we visited her she always had sweets to eat.

Grandma has been gone for such a long, long time.
but not a day goes by she isn't on my mind.
and when I think of grandmas house and all those days gone by
sometimes I want to laugh and sometime I want to cry.

So I'll always remember, my sweet grandma mae.
I still remember her voice, even to this day.
She never had an unkind word for anyone, she only showed them love,
 I know that when her life on earth was through ,God called her up above.

So here's to you  grandma mae if you're watching from above,
I just wanted you to know, that you were dearly loved.
I hope that you and mama will save a spot for me,
In that wonderful place called heaven that's where I want to be.


  by Gloria Collins