Chapter 3 Page 1

Life Without Susie
(Eight Years Later)


It had been eight years since Susie died, and Bill still walked through life in a daze. The first few months were so hard, he was devastated about losing the love of his life, and on top of that, he had to find the strength to be there for the kids. Susie's death was especially hard on Sarah, they had been so close and girls need their mothers. It was a little easier with baby Justin. He didn't have much time with Susie, but Bill and Sarah had kept their promise to Susie. Every day, year after year, they showed Justin pictures and home movies of Susie and told him how much she loved them all. 

Now here it was, eight years later and Sarah's sixteenth birthday was coming up next week. Bill wanted to make it really special, he knew Susie would be so proud of their Sarah. What a wonderful young lady she had become. She worked on Friday and Saturday nights at Burger Joe's in town, and on Sunday she headed up the church choir. She still found time to be a straight A student. Bill laughed as he thought back to when Justin was little. Sarah tried to take care of him, she never wanted anyone else to do anything for him. Bill smiled and thought to himself, 'She is so much like Susie.'

 Justin, who was now eight years old, and all boy, plays football on the weekends with his friends. He is the pitcher for his softball team at school. He loves cars and spending time with his dad. Bill tries to spend a lot of time with them both. He and Justin went camping last summer, but Sarah, who wasn't as fond of the out doors as they, stayed with Grandma Kate and went shopping instead. In spite of missing Susie so much, all in all, the Kendell's were just like any other ordinary family.