Chapter 4  Page 1

Goodbye To Bill


It had been ten years since Bill adopted Susie and a lot had happened.  Bill's mom, Kate died five years earlier, Bill was feeling so lonely and the girls were now twenty eight and twenty five years old.  Justin, wasn't little any more, he was twenty.

Bill sat in his recliner and thought to himself, 'Where did all the time go?'  Sarah who was married to a doctor and had a daughter of her own and had gone to school to become a minister, just like she'd always wanted.  She took over Bill's church eight years ago when he retired.  Bill was now sixty eight years old and not in the best of health so he decided to retire.  He was very happy when Sarah took over his church.

Susie lived about thirty five miles away and had married a real nice guy, he was a lawyer. They had a little boy who was two. He  and Sarah's daughter, who was four, loved to play with Grandpa Bill. They took turns spending the night, and boy! Did Bill feel tired when they left, but he loved it. He told Sarah that her daughter, Ruby was just like her when she was four, always up to something and Susie's little boy, Teddy, named after her brother who had died, was a very smart two year old and loved hiding where Grandpa couldn't find him.  One time Bill looked for three hours and finally found him asleep in the bath tub.  "I guess the poor little fellow got tired of waiting," Laughed Bill, as he scooped him up and laid him on the bed.

Justin was away at college, he had one more year to go, then he was going back to become a vet. He loved animals. So life at the Kendell house was mostly just Bill now, wondering around, trying to find something to fix. But the girls checked in on him at least five times a week, and Justin called almost every night, unless some pretty little thing caught his eye.